"Friuli, though quite a cold land, is blessed with beautiful mountains, clear rivers and fountains, a very pleasant country of fresh air."

This is how Giovanni Boccaccio defined the Friuli Region, still a true declaration, yet forgetting perhaps one of the most important aspects of the area: its culinary peculiarities.


Friuli, border land, territory of conquests, encounters of peoples and traditions, is above all a concentration of culinary excellence.

In every village, in every hamlet, in every trattoria, frasca (typical winery), vineyard or restaurant, we rediscover an ancient pleasure: Friuli tradition. But how to narrate the culinary roots of such a varied and extraordinary territory? Simple, through the voices and dishes of the Friuli culinary-art excellence.

This is precisely the purpose of "Mappa del Sapore": discover culinary tradition which distinguishes this country, listening to the voices of hosts, winemakers, restaurateurs and innkeepers.


"My love story with Italy obviously begins in Friuli, a unique place that remains for the most part untouched. My family, although Istrian in origin, chose Friuli as their adopted home. For years we have introduced our customers to Friuli and its wines though our restaurants, and I don't think anyone in the world has opened more bottles of Friulano or sliced more Prosciutto di San Daniele than I have. Discover Friuli, you won't regret it."

Joe Bastianich


Lignano Sabbiadoro

From a cocktail by the sea to a dinner immersed in the vineyards. This is the diverse and enchanting experience offered by Lignano Sabbiadoro food excellences, all spiced up with the fresh catches of the day and the perfumed and gentle taste of the white wines.



In the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia there is a territory dedicated to sport, which offers endless opportunities for those looking for a holiday on the move, discovering nature. A world to explore, able to thrill you with history, flavors, culture and traditions.



All the fragrances, aromas and tastes of a region and his whole identity contained in one city. You will literally taste its essence by discovering all Udine’s restaurants, “osterie” and culinary hot spots.


San Daniele

San Daniele, jewel of the Friuli countryside, is set among the green hills north of Udine. Its lively urban center and its food and wine tradition have few equals: from its cultural events to its ham, the city's ambassador to the world.


Cividale del Friuli and Cormons

It’s a happy marriage the one between the traditional Friulian cuisine and the close border flavours. The tipical tastes of Cividale and Cormons areas know how to amaze and charm thanks to superior quality wines, cherished dishes and breath-taking landscapes.


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Friuli offers wines and gastronomic products that tell the story of our land. To spread the culture of our territory and the mission of our hosts, restaurateurs, cooks, vinedressers, ham producers and cheese makers amid tradition and innovation. The mission is to make our treasures known: Vino Friulano, Ribolla, Refosco, craft beers, cape (shellfishes), canoce (mantis shrimps), calamari (squids), fasolari (bivalve molluscs), San Daniele ham, pezzata rossa (beef), montasio (a cheese), formadi frant (a cheese), Friulian ricotta, frico (potato and cheese-based fry), gubana (cake), olive oil, brovada (a turnip dish), musetto (a sausage), sclupit (a wild herb)... we offer and demand the best.

Alessandro Tollon

Enrico Accettola



Discover where the best restaurants of the Friuli area are located.


Spot ancient taverns and savour their equally original flavours.

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Locate the most famous wine bars of the region and enjoy high quality wines.


Visit the typical restaurants of the territory rediscovering the Friuli tradition.


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